“In order to have a stronger reach for our members and increasing the brand awareness of Sweden-India Business Council, we are happy to announce that we have added Cecilia Oldne as our Brand Ambassador. She brings an extensive understanding of India, a wide and high level network, but foremost the right forward looking attitude to our team” .

Says Robin Sukhia, Secretary General and President

Cecilia will, in addition to our Senior Tech Advisor Mr. Neeraj Gupta, be our representative in India and participate in delegations, events and activities where relevant to our members. She will also be working with media relations, social media reach, and support our motto; to increase the Knowledge of Decision Makers to do Better Business.  She will also support our startup initiative SITEC, Sweden India Tech Community.

About Cecilia:

Cecilia moved from Stockholm to Mumbai in 2007 to spark what is today called the Indian Wine Revolution. She has been instrumental in the success of India’s largest wine company Sula Vineyards with its 70% market share today, where she is also a shareholder. During her time with Sula she placed India on the world wine map and headed Marketing amongst other departments. Her initiatives on digital platforms including on Social Media has made Sula one of the world’s most successful and spoken about wine companies.

Cecilia is a trained Sommelier and has judged many prestigious wine and spirits competitions around the world. In 2007 she was in charge of the wine being served at the Nobel Banquet.

Cecilia is today a Business Advisor based out of Mumbai. She is involved in the opening of Soho House Mumbai. Soho House being one of the world’s most sought-after memberships. She is also an Ambassador for Fashion Revolution, a global movement working towards a more transparent clothing industry with positive outcomes for both people and the planet. Cecilia also represents Amphora Portfolio Management – an award winning fine wine investment service. She helps wine investors earn their just rewards safely, profitably and pleasurably.

Cecilia moved to India to make a difference and to inspire. She is today spearheading a program working towards empowering women in India, also aiming for more diversity at the top, including in the boardrooms. She has a Diploma from Michael Berglund AB in “Business of the Board”.

Before Cecilia moved to Mumbai, she lived in Stockholm where she ran her own wine imports company – bringing new world wines to Scandinavia. She is known for her ‘thinking out of the box” initiatives, attention to detail, commitment to quality, engagement and for her extensive high-end business network in India.

Cecilia works with branding issues with SIBC, represents SIBC at various functions and shares her extensive knowledge with our members.