How to set up production in India 

 26 March| 08:30-10:00


Photo: Invest India from Make in India in Stockholm 2017

 Join us for this in-depth roundtable where we discuss how to set up and run a production unit in India. What authorities are involved and how do you work with them? Are there a lot of approvals needed to operate and what type of management do you need? Securing quality means training programs. What to think about when identifying partners and sourcing a local supply chain. How can a well planned capital investment work in your favour?

Håkan Kingstedt, Chairman of Sweden-India Business Council will be leading the discussion. He set up 3 production units in India when managing Sandvik in India for 7 years.

Date:  26 March | 08:30-10:00

Venue: Swedfund, Drottninggatan 92-94

Cost: Free for SIBC members, SEK 900 for non-members

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