Market breakthrough is often very time consuming and a costly affair wherever you go in the world. For the Indian market, companies have to do their market due diligence thoroughly in order to reach a proper breakthrough. 

India is the largest upcoming market for broadband devices, and global industry trends show that the adoption of services such as streaming video and cloud storage continue to increase mobile data usage, which demand a stable and fixed line based on sober connection, where everything is moving toward a connected world with FTTH as base for all homes.


We will cover:
– Started with zero presence in the Indian market, with a completely new brand
– India centric focused approach
– Telecom – One of the most completive segments
– Break through with changed strategy
– Market leader, creating the market


About the company
GX have been present in India since 2013, with focus on Fiber-to-the-Home solutions (FTTH) which is one off the major area within digital India right now, having only 2 Million homes with Fixed broadband where as In China there is 145 million, and in European we have a average of 57% FTTH connected homes with Sweden as no1 ranked with most connected homes (62%).


About the Speaker
Paritosh Prajapati is based in Sweden and CEO of GX Group supporting the Digital India vision, and with more then 20 years of international Telecom experience from Different executive management rolls. Before starting of his journey with GX he was working for multinational corporations in Sweden: Telia, Siemens ICT and Nokia. He holds a master’s degree in Telecommunications and Electrical Engineering from Mid Sweden University in Sweden, and recently also enhanced his degree with Eco-technology for Sustainable development.

As usual the session is in a roundtable format with a presentation followed by Robin Sukhia of Sweden-India Business Council as the dialogue leader.


We thank Swedpartnership for their kind support

Photo: GX Group