Rebooting a website is never an easy task.
Nowadays, a website is a lot more than the digital window-shop it used to be in the years 2000. To be efficient, it has to be a dynamic interface, with up to date content.
Then, the sentence “we need a new website” encapsulates a lot of specific topics on an organisation’s history and strategy, which makes every project like this one unique.

The SIBC’s new website is the result of extensive conversations between Robin, Arati and myself on how we could offer you the best content, in the best way, and with an SIBC prospective.
We decided to integrate the former digital magazine INSIGHT Sweden India & the website into one platform.
It is now a place of reference to find updated, original and analytic information about India and Sweden. You will also be able to register for events, read reports on past meetings, and get a prospective on the life of SIBC.

We hope you will like to come here often, and we look forward to having your thoughts and comments.
Antoine Heftler, founder of Canablava

Canablava is a Sweden based AB managed by Antoine Heftler, a Frenchman who worked more than fifteen years in marketing.
He lived in Bangalore between 2007 and 2012, during which he was Ogilvy’s Head of Operations for the first ever advertising offshoring hub.
From these five years, he keeps a very strong network of India based advertisers and business developers, with whom he has been working since he came back to Europe (in 2012).
He now helps companies and organisation build their brands, design their marketing strategy and develop their digital channels.