From L-R; Dinesh Ghai, Senior Counsellor, CII-GBC; Arati Davis, VP, SIBC; Ludvig Lindström, Senior Advisor, Swedish Energy Agency; Ann-Sofi Gaverstedt, Deputy Director, Trade Promotion, Teknikföretagen; Klas Wåhlberg, Executive Director, Teknikföretagen (ISBLRT Co-Chair); Jennie Cato, Director, Trade Promotion, Teknikföretagen; Albin Carlén, Director for International Cooperation, Swedish Smart Grid Forum; Michael Rantil, Swedish Energy Agency; Hans Nyqvist, Swedish Energy Agency

ISBLRT Smart and Sustainable Cities Operational Working Group visits Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai; focus on access to finance and clean technology

 Three delegations came together between November 11-15th focusing on smart cities technology delivery; electromobility and the charging infrastructure, and energy solutions.

Klas Wåhlberg, Executive Director, Teknikföretagen and Co-Chair for the India Sweden Business Leaders Roundtable, led workshops in both Bengaluru and Mumbai on electromobility and energy.

The Swedish Smart Grid Forum, together with SIBC and the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) coordinated workshops on both days, to focus on some of the key points for partnership between India and Sweden.

The India Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator companies were also part of the Nov 14th workshop to better understand the Indian finance ecosystem and opportunities for support in new energy markets. They represented clean tech companies in waste, IoT, energy efficiency.

Urban Systems, the commercial arm of Urban Tech Sweden under Teknikföretagen presented their model for project engagement with India. This business and financial bridge has engaged in project discussions in Delhi, and Pune.

There was also operational representation of ISBLRT companies including  ABB, L&T, Tata, and ICICI.

Outputs included creating a virtual sharing of expertise; real-time sharing of companies looking at India or Sweden for technology partnerships; the development of a financial platform that could absorb risk and push for smart city project deployment.