IMG_2379Sweden-India Business Council has an in-depth understanding of the Swedish and Indian Cultures.

Our formats and knowledge are based on both theory and experience spanning from 1970’s to present day.

We can provide members with a thorough cultural awareness training session.

The target audience is anyone doing business between Sweden and India, weather you are a Swedish firm or an Indian firm. Cultural awareness training is always a factor for successful business. Understanding one another is crucial for smooth interactions and to avoid time consuming, and energy stealing misunderstandings. Indian and Swedish cultures, when adapted, work very well together. There is no right or wrong, there are only differences.

Some of the topics we can offer:

  • Understanding the background to both cultures
  • Understanding why Swedes and Indians do what they do
  • How do we interpret each other, based on what?
  • Corporate culture versus country culture
  • Negotiations and meeting culture
  • Consensus vs. hierarchal decision based systems
  • Geographical influences
  • Industry differences