Dear members and friends,

It’s been a while since the last newsletter, and subsequently the editorial. We have been very busy, both with events, and with setting up the Smart City focus, where we are acting as secretariat for Teknikföretagens Sweden Smart City India Chapter. On March 24 we conducted, in cooperation with the Indian Embassy, our largest event so far, with 130 participating guests, mostly companies, of which approximately 65 per cent were SME’s. Minister Ibrahim Baylan and Ambassador Monica Kapil Mohta were Key Notes in the morning and Volvo Bus President Håkan Agnevall and Former Finance Minister Allan Larsson in the afternoon. Two great sessions on Energy and Smart Cities and you can follow the outcomes and discussions on facebook and on our twitter account @sibctweets.

In the meanwhile, India held elections in its biggest state Uttar Pradesh, where SIBC predicted a BJP win, and was proven right. Well, we predicted a tight win, so semi-right. Modi’s BJP party won by a land slide, possibly proving that people prefer action to no action. Another reason for winning, also very likely, and in hindsight even more likely is the fact that the BJP backed RSS, the Hindu nationalistic organisation, rallied all their supporters in eastern UP to get the BJP elected. It is also likely that they had a big say in the choice of Chief Minister in the largest state in India with its 220 million inhabitants, Yogi Adityanath (born Ajay Singh Bisht, 5 June 1972) is an Indian priest and politician with an image as a Hindutva (Hindu Nationalist).

There are so many activities happening between Sweden and India, both presently and in the near future that the government, headed by the Foreign Ministry in this case, decided to launch Team Sweden India. This consists of a few companies, government agencies and ministries, headed by State Secretary Oscar Stenström. SIBC’s (an active party in Team Sweden India) view on this is positive, for the reason mentioned above; many activities are underway with various stakeholders and actors. We all need to be coordinated better.

As we have informed you previously, SIBC has been advising Mr Carl Bennet on his initiative, together with Mr Marcus Wallenberg, and Indian NGO Pratham, to ensure 30 000 children stay in school in India. Several Swedish large companies have now backed this project, which really is fantastic news.

We are now looking forward to Strategic Sourcing India for our member companies (only), one session for large and one for small enterprises. Given the great importance of understanding your supply chain, your supplier, your distributor and others such, we have taken the initiative to fly in one of India’s top specialist in the area, Mr Atul Kansal from SIBC member Indus Enviro, based in Delhi. Mr Kansal has worked with Swedish companies for a long time. We are expecting companies to join on April 19 in Stockholm and 20th in Gothenburg for our roundtables.

Mr Harald Sandberg, Ambassador of Sweden to India will be joining us for an Ambassador Breakfast on Friday April 21 – don’t miss it! We team up with Business Sweden for this event. It is likely to be packed.

We have a few new members as well joining us; Climeon, Midland Trade, Fergas and Bactiguard, which is very nice, and we welcome them to The Council!

We will be back shortly and hope you are doing great business.

Remember, an active member, is a happy member.

SIBC team