ADMoKPxO-1In the last Editorial I wrote a bit about the recent delegation to India and the Make in India Week, lead by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven. A week that has helped confirm that ‘Sweden makes in India’. This is not small business.

As multiple deadlines for the Goods and Service Tax (GST) come and go, one can only hope that we soon see the much-awaited reform get adopted in both the lower and upper Houses of Parliament. According to the most recent reports, and also considering Prime Minister Modi’s statement from his visit to Saudi Arabia, the GST is likely to be adopted soon….

It seems that the BJP led government will agree to the Congress Party’s one requirement; which is wise play and the right thing to do. Not since 1992 has a reform in India been more significant. An important note here is to realise that although this is a domestic issue, it will apply to all companies in India – national and international.  It will not affect import duties or such taxes, which still are at rather high levels in certain sectors. Make-in-India means that you will still have to source substantially From-India.

Local sourcing and cultural communication were the two requested topics at our Strategic Sourcing India Group, which is made up of purchasing executives from medium and large enterprise members. GST will no doubt be part of our next meeting, together with how to identify a supplier.

In SIBC, rather unusually, we have divided Small Enterprises from Medium and Large ones. The reason being that medium and large enterprises are likely to face similar challenges than compared with small enterprises, on issues of how you tackle challenges, processes, country offices, more management verticals etc. Here you can read more about our products for Small, Medium and Large Enterprises as well as for “All”.

On March 8th, we also launched the SIBC  Executive Women’s Forum, which will be chaired by Ms. Karin Wallström, Head of Communication and Marketing at Gunnebo. Other executive committee members are Ms. Carola Kylin, Director Group Marketing and Communication at SKF and SIBC’s Vice President Ms. Arati Davis. The first order of that committee is to identify who is interested in attending the Women’s Economic Forum in Delhi between May 16th – 21st. 1500 delegates from 75 different countries discussing 28 different topics in 408 sessions !! Of course Sweden should send a group and SIBC are glad to be part of it.