This weeks Editorial will be focused on what we intend to do for our members this fall. In our last editorial our VP Ms Arati Davis wrote about the GST being adopted in the upper house of the Indian parliament. We would like to draw your attention to a few events taking place on October 6th and 7th and subsequently on November 25th.

For October 6th and 7th we will arrange two days (Stockholm and Gothenburg) with a couple of law partners from our Indian member company – Indus Law, visiting Sweden to talk about the implications of the 1) Constitutional Amendment Bill, paving the way for GST, 2) the revised and consolidated FDI policy (with the rules on e-Commerce); 3) the new Bankruptcy & Insolvency Code; and 4) recent amendments to the Arbitration Act. All topics highly relevant for our members and great follow-ups to some significant changes the Modi government has delivered upon.

Given the relevance, the 2 days will be divided in three parts, one compressed breakfast meeting open for all members and others, one small enterprise round table open for small companies and one executive roundtable open for top executives in medium and large enterprises. By doing this we are able to cater to all our members and deliver concrete and high value information to you as a decision maker. Please make sure to book you seat when the invite comes out.

The second event is the Sweden-India Green Day on November 25th afternoon. We hope to facilitate the understanding of financial and other export services available in the public (Team Sweden) and private sector. There is still a high level of uncertainty, which can easily be clarified and conveyed. The more we showcase accessible solutions and services, the better for our exporting companies. We had our first meeting on the subject with our initiative Sweden-India Greentech Alliance in October 2014. Our aim is to hammer in the topics and make everyone aware that the possibilities are clear, and present