zRGAaPwXAh_hans_liljestrom“I spent the 90’sand 2000 as VP and responsible for Atlas Copco’s development and expansion to major projects a lot of time in India to manage successful AC sales to large projects, especially for the hydropower market segment. As this was unfamiliar territory for the Indian construction groups, we could convey best advices to them.
I learnt that if anyone in this business world is quick to learn, it is Indians, it is the strength of India.
In the total picture I also played a large role in the outcome of getting the large URI project to Swedish Co’s and the large Konkan railway project financially supported by SIDA with Swedish co’s playing the central role in that development.
Besides that I had success with Canadians and Italians to enter India on my recommendation for certain project.
My network is still active today and we are received as a trust worthy supplier for very large orders.
During this period, I frequently conveyed to the AC Senior management that I consider our India staff as one of the absolute best in the AC group of customer centres around the world, resulting in that the recruitment to leading positions also went to Indian employees.
I was instrumental in the creation of Sweden-India Business Council and have been following its rapid development since its inception in 2003.”