The Innovations Accelerator programme has introduced twenty companies overall, to the Indian cleantech marketplace. Companies are chosen through a process of application, product review and a felt match for Indian market demand. With the new group of companies joining, the Accelerator programme continues to go from strength to strength in building business partnerships.

On November 3, 2015 the India Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator began their sixth delegation visit to India, with a joint workshop Innovative Clean Technologies. Five new companies have joined the Accelerator, and companies presented their business solutions at the opening workshop. These presentations encouraged debate and discussions on the feasibility of solutions like solar power, industrial combustion to produce bio fuel, energy efficient buildings, and the measurement of energy consumption. All of the companies have come on board because they view India as a growing economy, with huge potential for positive market development in the area of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The purpose of the delegation visit is to foster business relationships. The Swedish Energy Agency, along with programme partners Business Sweden and CII-GBC, have worked to develop focused market engagement opportunities in India. “We have moved into the next phase of Innovations’ Accelerator by adding five more companies to the programme. These companies are dedicated towards innovations in renewable energy and we are excited to have them on board,” commented Erik Erikson, Head of Unit, Swedish Energy Agency. He added, “previous climate change summits, were always based on policy changes. However, this year, the focus has shifted to the private sector and its role in the reduction of CO₂ emissions. In this respect, I think there is a lot that can be learnt from the business that India and Sweden are doing and this can pave the way forward”. The new companies to the Accelerator programme are; Metrum, PPAM, Regin, Torkapparater, and WTS AB

In June 2015, President Mukherjee visited Sweden with an aim to understand Sweden’s solutions for smartcities and sustaiable urban development. Anna Liberg, Trade Commissioner to India, is positive that programmes like the India Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator will continue to develop strong relationships between the two countries, “the Innovations’ Accelerator was started as a long term approach to developing sustainable business solutions between Sweden and India. We are taking that a step forward this year. Sweden and India have been engaged in business for over a hundred years and in the recent past, this has resulted in opening the market to many more jobs.”

With the Paris Climate Change Conference in mind, the positive influence of clean technologies was not overlooked at the workshop. K.S. Venkatgiri, Executive Director – Designate, CIIGBC stressed that, “working in collaboration with Business Sweden and the Swedish Energy Agency has been a memorable and satisfying experience. Working together, we could translate ideas to ground realities. CII is always looking for opportunities where industries can be involved in mitigating climate change. Now more than ever, Indian industries are committed to work towards improving their energy efficiency and become green businesses. ”