The Third India Unlimited, hosted by the Embassy of India in Sweden brought together a number of high-level decision makers from India and Sweden. Overarching issues of SmartCities, Clean Energy Systems and Digital India were among the several topics during the course of May 2-3rd. Sweden contributes 150,000 direct jobs in India, and 1,000,000 indirect jobs. India is also increasing its investments in Sweden, with a strong growth in IT and digital services.


Understanding the economic powerhouse that is India today, was perhaps best reflected in the messages delivered by both Mr Alkesh Sharma, CEO, Delhi Mumbai Industrial Development Corporation, and Mr Gopal, Special Secretary, Municipal and Urban Development, Telangana. Mr Sharma represents potential investments worth in excess of $100 billion, and Telangana, as the youngest state in the Indian federal structure, is looking to develop solutions that can benefit its rural population. Both these initiatives will be underpinned by digital and smart city solutions. They will be powered by renewable energy, and energy efficiency measures. The VIP visitors made a tour of the Volvo Experience Center in Gothenburg, and saw how the city’s electric-mobility plans were being deployed.