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More than 30 top CEOs and Chairmen sat together on November 9th to discuss the way forward in four main working groups; smart cities, digitization, skill india, and defence. Led by Mr Marcus Wallenberg on the Swedish side (SEB) and Mr Baba Kalyani on the Indian side (Bharat Forge), each working group made imporant decisions about the way forward for joint activity. As Mr Wallenberg commented, ‘The first meeting of the India Sweden Business Leaders Round Table was very successful. We made good progress on future enhanced cooperation in the field of Smart Cities, Digitalisation, Defence & Security and Skill India. We identified a number of concrete joint projects. The interest shown from the Indian side, not least as expressed by Prime Minister Modi in our seperate meeting with him, is a huge encouragement to accelerate our common work.’ 

The Smart City working group (above left) chaired by Håkan Agnevall (President Volvo Bus Corporation) and moderated by Ms. Chanda Kochhar (MD, CEO ICICI Bank), committed to taking forward a sharing of experiences in a concrete manner – with Smart City Incubators.

The Digitization working group (above right) moderated by Tom Johnstone (CBE, Husqvarna) stressed on the need for models to be developed, of how to implement digitization in a low cost country working environment. This would then be possible to implement in Swedish and Indian industry.

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The Defence Working Group (left), moderated by Mr Baba Kalyani, agreed to set up a Joint Working Committee and the Skill India Working Group (right), moderated by Carl-Johan Westring (VP EF Education First) agreed to developing an Indo Swedish Technical Institute to focus on vocational training at the graduate level, with a view of making candidates ‘industry ready’.

The November 9th meeting set the stage and ambition for the coming year. Working groups will now meet as required during the year, to put in place the decisions taken. The next joint session, of working groups and ISBLRT’s co-chairs will be held in Sweden in 2017.