It has been a quiet, hot, summer but now we are back with a bang.  The interest in the Sweden-India partnership continues to be evident in the number of activities and engagement lined up for the Fall of 2018.

An India Sweden Business Leaders Roundtable (ISBLRT) digitization delegation will visit Sweden between August 22-23. It is led by ISBLRT working group chairpersons Tom Johnstone and (CBE, Chairman Husqvarna, Combient) and CP Gurnani (MD and CEO Tech Mahindra). The focus will be on digitization in manufacturing. The delegation from India is the third working group exchange for digitization, with the first two from Sweden to India in 2017 and most recently in January 2018.

The Swedish Smart Grid Forum, together with SIBC will host delegates in Stockholm from the India National Smart Grid Mission and Ministry of Power between August 21-24th. Flexibility, market design and business models will be the focus for discussions with Government as well as the private sector.

In a first of its kind, SIBC will join a start-up delegation from India that will participate in the Stockholm Tech Fest from September 2-4th. This high octane event, with speakers including SIBC Senior Tech Advisor Neeraj Gupta. The delegation will be headed by the Indian Prime Minister’s Senior Scientific Advisor Mr. Vijay Raghavan. Stockholm Tech Fest will have representation from over 20 countries and 2000 people.

Leading directly from the innovations coming out of partnerships made in the Waterfront Building, we move into the India Smart City Innovation hackathon with India Unlimited between September 6-7th. The focus for groups will be solutions for housing, mobility and local energy development. Winners will be announced at the India Unlimited Business Day on November 12th, and  get the opportunity of developing their ideas with experts in the field.

Our popular executive roundtables will from now on be held as ’Friday Breakfast Roundtables’ where the first will kick off on September 14 under the topic Creating the right networks for establishing in India, with our members  Pranav Kosuri, Co-Founder Flic and Brandie (also SIBC Board member) and Björn Lindblom, CyanConnode and Co-Founder Luvly. The second one will be held on October 26 under the topic Managing your Suppliers and Distributors.

Ending this update, we want to draw your attention to the India Unlimited Business Day, which will include the SIBC Dialogue 2018. The SIBC Dialogue is a high discussion level dialogue between senior or experienced panellists in the SIBC advisory and contact network. It was founded as a roundtable to enhance senior directors’ knowledge in large enterprises and how to make smarter decisions in their India dealings. Now we include a discussion on SME’s,l under the same format. On November 12th we invite you to SIBC Dialogue 2018, made up of two panels; India’s potential for companies in a global competitive environment and Bridging Silicon Valhalla with Silicon Bengaluru. This is a unique opportunity to hear more about the result of deliberations that have been taking place during the Fall, directly from SIBC Senior Advisors, ISBLRT members and our rapidly growing number of start-up partners.