L-R; Mr Vijay Sai Meka, Chairman, IGBC Amaravati Chapter & Managing Director, S & S Green Projects Pvt Ltd. Albin Carlen, Head of International Cooperation, Swedish Smart Grid Forum, Par Hansson, Swatab, Mr Satish Kamat, President, Sri City Operations, Hans Peter Kyk, Kamstrup, Maria Sandqvist, Executive Director, Swedish Smart Grid Forum, Björn Lindblom, Luvly, Pankaj Gujarathi, SaltX, Arati Davis, Sweden India Business Council

Smarter Grids for industry, business, and citizens is the way forward to help India reach its energy security and energy access goals. Smarter grids allow for effective energy management as well as giving the end user more control over their energy choices. India’s Smart Grid Mission has outlined the vision for the future, and has opened doors for multi-stakeholder partnerships to realise its ambition.

The Swedish Smart Grid Forum, an initiative of the Swedish Government. The mission of the Forum is to develop dialogue and enable actions towards a smarter grid. A digitalized, flexible and interactive electricity system will make it possible to use energy more efficiently. The Forum is focusing on 5 countries to work with on international engagement, dialogue and partnership. India has been selected as one of these countries. Together, such actions will move the global economy closer to its interconnected goals set out in Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Between November 26 – 30, 2018, the Swedish Smart Grid Forum, led by Executive Director Maria Sandqvist, together with Albin Carlen took a select group of companies on a Smart Building Roadshow. With the partnership of the Sweden India Business Council, and the Confederation of Indian Industries Green Building Council, the companies visited Sri City, Andhra Pradesh, GIFT City and Dholera City, Gujarat.

The common thread between the choices of cities was that they were all still relatively early in their urbanization process. They were new cities, with a lot of room for greenfield development. This meant that Swatab’s chemical free washing solutions, Kamstrup’s smart metering technology, SaltX’s energy storage options as well as electric vehicles by Luvly all found an audience in the different board rooms, conference halls and bilateral meeting points.

Consumers want to know their lifestyle choices will not hurt them, retailers understand the value of climate friendly business, industry is looking for the most effective ways of using energy, and India’s cities are striving to provide win-win opportunities.

Maria Sandqvist, Executive Director of the Swedish Smart Grid Forum puts the discussions into context, ‘this is about life cycle cost, but this is also about looking at the whole system be it a city, building or society. Taking a holistic and integrated perspective is the focus of the partnerships that the Forum is looking to build with countries like India.’

….to be continued watch this space

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