On April 25th Teknikföretagen launched the Smart City Sweden – India Group, together with SIBC and IVL. The India Programme focuses on; promoting sustainable business partnerships, developing dialogue in the area of innovation technology and technique, and contributing towards the Global Goals for sustainable development. The Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) is the MoU partner for the Sweden country consortium. Teknikföretagen is also the operating arm of the high level Sweden India Business Leaders Roundtable (SIBLRT), Smart Cities Working Group, of which SIBC is the Swedish Secretariat.

A lot of activity has been undertaken since the April Programme Launch, and we are looking forward to lifting up the outcomes in Fall 2017. It is clear that India’s smart city buzz is directly in line with Sweden’s business interests.


(L-R, Punjab state visit; Delegation team in Goa)

I) Smart City Project Development;

The first Smart City Sweden India delegation visit was made to India between May 15 – 20th. The visits were to Kanpur and Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh and to Panaji, Goa. Members of the delegation also visited Punjab in support of a Sweco initiated discussion.

outputs; i) MoU to be signed with IVL and city of Kanpur for capacity building and engagement in waste to energy development.

ii) MoU to be signed with Teknikföretagen and Invest Punjab for activities in the area of energy and waste management, to be coordinated by SIBC and Sweco.

II) Capacity Building and Knowledge Exchange;

 Smart Cities require a number of elements to be in place to result in optimal outcomes, not least the infrastructure around energy supply and demand. On May 15th, the Smart City Sweden – India Group, led by SIBC together with the Swedish Smart Grid Forum held a roundtable with a focus on Smart grids for Smart Cities. Sweden’s State secretary, Ministry of Energy Nils Vikmång together with Dr A.K. Verma, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Power, Government of India discussed the needs of India’s smart grid sector, and opportunities for Swedish engagement.

Research and development, together with experience sharing and capacity building are strong first steps for sustainable partnerships and ultimate project development. With this as a focus, SIBC held a smart cities roundtable on Urban Living Labs (ULL). The Urban Living Labs, which will form a part of the existing agreement between Teknikföretagen and CII, aims to develop discussions that can lead to greater understanding of the ecosytems required to foster smart, sustainable development.


(L-R, Roundtable on Urban Living Labs, Smart Grids for Smart Cities)

 III) High Level SIBLRT, Smart Cities Working Group

 On June 21st, the SIBLRT smart cities workgroup held their first meeting. Held in coordination with the visit of the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, the meeting was chaired by Tomas Carlsson, President and CEO of Sweco. The purpose of the working group discussion was to develop next steps to the November SIBLRT Joint Statement.

What to Look Forward to;

India Unlimited, Business Day, India at 100, August 17th – REGISTER HERE

On the 15th of August 2017 India celebrates 70 years of Independence, Air India starts to fly to Stockholm and Stockholm City arranges the Stockholm Culture Festival with the Theme India. To celebrate this, The Indian Embassy in Sweden and India Unlimited will arrange a business day on the 17th of August looking at the Future of India.