Sweden-India Business Council with partners are building the Sweden-India Tech Community (SITEC). This initiative kicked off with a successful Start-up Eco System Delegation to India in October 2018.

Again, this year between 7-15 October, SIBC is taking a Delegation to India. This year not only to Bangalore, but via Dubai and Delhi with a last stop in Mumbai. We’re again going to explore the sparkling buzz of Bangalore and its start-up flagship event TechSparks (11th & 12th).

During the delegation, participants will attend concrete work shops, have B2B meetings with Unicorns, Telecom companies, Finch Industry, government agencies, attend various networking events.

“The value of meeting the right people cannot be underestimated, and has helped us a lot”, says Pranav Kosuri, Co-founder of Brandie and Flic.

About TechSparks: Since 2010, TechSparks has become a benchmark platform where leaders, corporate, executives, policy makers, investors, innovators and media houses converge to discuss, debate and develop ideas and engagements that build and shape the technology, innovation and entrepreneurship narrative in India.

We can’t wait for the this one – and we hope you can be part of it!



All common meals (value: 500 SEK per day)

Common ground transportation (value: 500 SEK per person)

Most of there delegation administrative fee (value: 30,000 SEK)

TechSparks Ticket (Velue: 1000 sek)

You will receive a subsidy of 32 000 SEK




Air Ticket (around 7000 sek)

Hotel (around 7000 sek)

Visa ( around 600 sek)

Roughly 14-15,000 SEK

miscellaneous 2-3000 kr



Start-ups 5,000 SEK

Other participants 8,000 SEK


Your cost: 23,000 – 26,000 SEK

(real cost would be 52 000 – 55 000 minimum)

Seats are limited, so don’t miss out! Email your questions to info@sibc.se

Register for the delegation here:  

Start-up Eco System Delegation to India
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