On April 20th, Sweden-India Business Council conducted the first Stockholm based Executive Roundtable (ERT) on Strategic Sourcing.

SIBC’s ERTs focus on delivering responses to member driven questions. The first meeting provided an overview to relevant issues, with a view to developing a needs-based follow up.

This is a summary report of what was sent to participants.

 Main Points;

Election update; high expectations – Robin Sukhia, SIBC

The 2014 election saw an overwhelming victory for the BJP in India, led by Narendra Modi. This also resulted in a majority position in the Lok Sabha / Lower house of Parliament. The BJP won with an election campaign that vowed to reduce corruption and increase business opportunities within the country.

Sweden has been a strong partner in the BJP government’s goals on urban development and resource efficiency. Prime Minister Löfven’s delegation to Make-in-India was one of the largest in recent history. In addition to the Swedish Pavilion, the visit resulted in the setup of the Sweden India Business Leaders Roundtable (SIBLRT).

Sourcing from India – Manik Karn, Business Sweden

 India’s areas of competitiveness fall into sectors that have either high labour requirements and/ or high share of local raw materials – sectors such as IT, clothes, discrete assemblies, stone, coal, iron and steel.

Brand Sweden is respected and considered to be high quality, in India. As Brand Sweden, actors engaging in the Indian market should not underestimate the social responsibility challenge. Engaging internal management for such processes is an important step for trust building but also embedding capacity.

NEXT ROUNDTABLE – October 6th, 2016

The next Roundtable will be held on October 6th from 13.00 – 15.00. Topics to be discussed will include i) Constitutional Amendment Bill, paving the way for GST, ii) revised and consolidated FDI Policy (with rules for e-commerce), iii) New Bankruptcy & Insolvency Code, and iv) recent amendments to the Arbitration Act.

SIBC is proud to have, as guest and expert speaker Mr Ran Chakrabarti, Partner, IndusLaw.