Covid Relief

We have initiated a Fundraising Awareness Campaign for India and we invite you to be part of it.


Most of us have friends, business associates, colleagues, or family in India. Seeing how the Covid-19 infections reach new levels, now touching 350-400,000 cases daily, is heartbreaking. We know many of you and also your subsidiaries are already providing support but we also know there is a large interest in supporting even further. Hence this initiative and also call for action.


Swecare Foundation and Sweden-India Business Council have identified two NGO options for maximum impact; Pratham Sweden and Röda Korset.  This initiative it directed towards the headquarters in Sweden.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in India works closely through the Swedish subsidiaries in India with the coordination of the Covid-19 relief work.


Contact:  | Corporates email to get an invoice

Private donation to BG 900-4862 (Sweden)

  • Working through 21 states in India, funding via Pratham Sweden to Pratham India will be used for: 

  • Securing and delivering oxygen concentrators as well as rapid tests, vaccines, and personal protective equipment/PPE to Indian hospitals and care centers.

  • Exploring the conversion of Pratham vocational training centers and district offices into alternate facilities for Covid treatment.

  • Coordinating field response teams to aid in the distribution of supplies and ensuring dissemination of accurate information in regional languages, including minority languages.

  • After more than a year of school closures there will be a severe learning loss among children. We are therefore planning our work so that we can ensure that children get the foundational support that is necessary to catch up again once they return to schools. 


Website: Swedish Red Cross 

Corporate and foundations contact: Media contact:

Donations: (private and corporate donations)

· BG 900-8004 code: SIBC4India

· Bank transfer: Svenska Röda Korsets Centralstyrelse SEB 5249-10 041 00 code: SIBC4India


Covid-19 Emergency Relief India: 

Through its local present in at least 550 districts and its auxiliary role to the MoHFW, Red Cross interventions include:

• Scaling -up vaccination, testing, screening, surveillance supporting immunization efforts from healthcare authorities for the hard-to-reach groups

• Providing oxygen cylinders, ventilators, plasma and other crucial medical supplies, including anti-viral drugs for COVID-19 treatment to critical patients

• Coordinating the logistics of Government to Government in-kind medical equipment donations through procurement and compliance from IFRC

• Setting up of quarantine facilities and turning several Red Cross hospitals into COVID-19 health centers

• Scaling-up blood services, patients transport services and fully equipped ambulance services with oxygen support

• Procuring and distributing PPE and hygiene kits to those most at risk including health staff and vulnerable people

• Providing mental health and psychosocial support and activating helpline nationwide 24/7

• Intensifying risk communication to address misinformation on the virus and immunization including minority languages

• Providing urgent food and basic needs to vulnerable households.


Blood donations: Blood Bank Delhi's 24/7 control room at 011-23359379 or 93199 82104

Also: People are encouraged to donate blood before taking COVID vaccination as they will not be able to do this humanitarian gesture for 28 days after taking the COVID vaccination and there is a high need in blood banks.




If there is an interest in the support of sourcing and buying Oxygen Concentrators, you can contact our friend Joydeep Dash at +46 76777 5444. Emirates and Truecaller are two companies already supporting this team and initiative.




The second wave of COVID-19 pandemic has hit India hard, recording four new cases every second and more than two deaths every minute. Along with the increase in COVID-19 cases, the impact on children being affected by the virus has also increased, leading to dire consequences for their access to essential health, social protection and education services. 


UNICEF is calling on the private sector, businesses, foundations, social impact investors, corporations and philanthropists to collaborate with UNICEF to help reduce the increased strain on health care systems in India and their ability to deliver essential care to those in need.


For more information, please contact: 

Håkan Ivemark

Corporate Partnerships Manager






The Swedish Chamber of Commerce India is grieved by the devastating impact of Covid on our country, and grateful to those working hard to care for the sick and uphold support systems. We support all efforts to bring relief, prevent, and build capacity during this second wave.

We promote community based holistic approaches encouraging collaboration between stake-holding companies. The Chamber will coordinate communication, collective responses, and long-term strategic interventions.

Following are four urgent and strategic interventions. Under each are mentioned some companies that are already involved. You may coordinate and join hands with them or request to advise your efforts.

SAVING LIVES: The health care system is under tremendous pressure, all efforts are being made to increase capacity, secure equipment, and expand oxygen supply.

Proposed interventions:

  • Support to local hospitals in the form of equipment, medicines, PPE/masks, as per local needs.
  • Covid Care Facilities to treat those who are moderately sick and need oxygen support. The temporary set up

is connected to a primary hospital.

Senior health care professionals advise immediate intervention in metropolitan tier-1, tier-2, and tier-3 cities where the spread is yet to peak. They say that the greatest challenge here is the availability of manpower as well as the time required to set up such facilities.

Several companies are already doing work in this area.

LIVELIHOODS. Many daily wagers are without work and the means to support their families. Loss of earning members have left women and children being highly vulnerable. Income levels have decreased pre-pandemic, with women falling far behind1. Due to the risk of infection, community-based work has ground to a halt.

Proposed intervention

• Support to community-based organisations that reach out to vulnerable groups, families, and individuals with

monetary aid, food/ration distribution, medical assistance, and other constructive work for such people.

Several companies are working with communities. For those that want be part of a coordinated response, the Chamber can receive contributions. We urge you to participate to strengthen community work.

Thank you to those that have already reached out and committed support.


PREVENTION. It is estimated that the pandemic may take two more years to fizzle out. Prevention is critical at this juncture to minimize the possible next wave and decrease the burden on health care providers.

Proposed interventions:

  • Vaccination drives in communities through mobile outreach, temporary vaccination centers in communities,

or coordinated access to medical centers.

  • Mobile AI Xray diagnosis tool is being used successfully for early detection of TB and now of Covid 19. The accuracy rate reported is 95% in early detection of Covid and TB. Experts estimate that 60% of those who may have developed serious infections may be treated outpatient in the early stage, eliminating the need for hospitilization. It is most suitable during such a pandemic and/or for remote areas2.

Companies in Pune, Bangalore and Delhi are already considering vaccination drives.
We are looking for a company that wants to take the lead for the AI diagnostic mobile radiology unit.

BUILD FOR THE FUTURE. Trauma and mental health issues follow on the wake of this pandemic. Unemployment, trafficking, and family breakdown affects those in poverty.

We continue to focus on removing gender-based barriers for women to participate equally in the workforce and create opportunities for gainful employment, training, and education. To strengthen organisations building inclusive work cultures.

• Support mental health, trauma counselling, recover and rebuild. Counselling centres, helplines, community

based support groups, network building, training programmes both for community and organisations

The Chamber is taking the lead in this strategic response. Some of the funds we hope you will contribute will be disseminated to NGO’s working in this area.

• Women in the Workforce social investigations, traning programmes, livelihood and skilling programmes with focus on gender equality and strengthening individuals, organisations, and communities.

Current partner companies: Alfa Laval, Atlas Copco, Epiroc, Ericsson, Höganäs, IKEA, LTI, Sandvik, SKF, Tetra Pak, Volvo We encourage more companies to join this strategic work.

As outlined above, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce India looks forward to your contribution in this time of tragedy:

Please do send us weekly information on your interventions. We will then update our combined efforts, as we join hands to fight this together.

Please contribute to these four urgent and strategic causes through your direct intervention, in coordination with other companies, and/or through the Chamber.

For more information, please contact: Sara Larsson, General Manager the Swedish Chamber of Commerce India, phone: +91 9871925575