Kari Krishnamurty

Kari Krishnamurty

VP of Brand and Partnerships

Kari is a Business Management graduate who first dipped his toes in advertising to begin with in the late 90’s. Soon after, he joined the fledgling telecom Industry in India in the early 2000s. It was a period of immense growth, when the sheer potential of the Indian market was just being realised. His professional journey in the telecom industry has been dotted with important brand works, handling P&L, heading the marketing for a region to finally heading marketing activations at a corporate level in India.

The Truecaller journey started in 2013. A small note to the company's co-founder and chairman in February 2013, seeking his thoughts about how Truecaller should progress or work in India, kickstarted a whole new adventure. 

Truecaller then started it's own period of immense growth, with India as its home market and Kari leading the charge from a small, one-room office. It was a transition from a pure play consumer marketing role to an evolved business development & marketing role. 

Kari's primary strength is human interaction and networking. His words to live by? Business happens when there is a fundamental understanding and compassionate relationship between a group of simple, honest and dedicated individuals.