Time to Support


                                                                                             The immense tragedy playing out in Ukraine and at the Ukrainian border in front of our eyes needs your urgent support. Now over 1 million women, children, elderly and students have crossed the border to Poland in one of the fastest refugee movements in history.

Spearheaded by our board member Prashant Agarwal who is present in Poland for this relief effort, together with Sweden-India Business Council, we are putting together a few concrete actions to help in the relief efforts at the border. All people, irrespective of nationalities, fleeing Ukraine are in dire need of our combined help.

Our efforts will focus on 4 parts.

1. Transportation to airports in coordination with existing relief efforts

2. Provide people crossing the border with an equal right to food, water and shelter

3. Transportation to Sweden

4. Help civilians in Sumy with food and water

We will also coordinate where needed with the International Red Cross Committee on site at the border.

We have set up a new bank account for these efforts, which you can find below. 


Funding details:

Paypal account: info@sibc.se  with the message "Time to Support"

Invoice: If you want us to send you an invoice, please email info@sibc.se stating your invoicing details and sum. 

Account details (this is a new account with Sweden-India Business Council exclusively for this purpose):

In Sweden: 


International transfers:





Bank Address

SEB, 106 40 Stockholm


We will keep you updated on our progress through: