Pranav Kosuri

Pranav Kosuri

Pranav is an entrepreneur and has founded companies within a vast variety of markets.

His company Flic – The World’s Smartest Button, was named Europe’s hottest hardware start-up by Wired Magazine. For Flic, Pranav launched Sweden’s most successful crowdfunding campaign three years ago, and today more than 300,000 Flics have now been sold in 110 countries, with partnerships in place with Volvo, Spotify and Uber among others. More information can be found on

His latest venture Brandie is a crowd marketing platform helping brands, on the Indian market, to encourage loyal customers to drive more content on social media. Find more information on

Pranav has taught entrepreneurship at Swedish universities, high schools and even middle schools. For the past three years he has been invited to India to give lectures to 2,000 students from over 40 universities across India, with the vision to help Indian teenagers venture out and start their own businesses.

Before commencing his entrepreneurial career Pranav studied at Stockholm University and at California institute of Technology (Caltech) and holds an M.Sc. in Molecular Biology.