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Holyvolt AB

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Enabling high-performance

Solar Cells, Batteries, Heaters, and Illumination

Holyvolt aims to revolutionize energy production and
storage through unique nano-paste formulations and a
specialized screen-printing process.

Our nano-paste-based products have individually
optimized properties. The paste components are nontoxic,
inorganic, and abundant. Production processes
and assembly lines are already set up for easy

With this proprietary technology, Holyvolt can design
and tailor products with outstanding photovoltaic,
heating and energy storage properties.

The technology, developed in a Swedish-German
partnership is TÜV certified and has received DAkkS
accreditation. Some of the products are already CE-marked and are available on the market.

Current solar panel technology and lithium-ion
storage solutions rely on costly, limited, and often
hazardous materials and processes that are not

Even the best of today’s attempts to solve this problem
are environmentally detrimental and inefficient.

Holyvolt’s mission is to provide the world with high
efficiency renewable energy solutions at affordable
costs and with minimal environmental impact.
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