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Levels is a Nordic venture studio that creates, builds, and invests in brilliant digital businesses with an offering that covers all aspects of digital transformation. Founded in 2016 with a vision to develop unique and differentiated products, services, and ventures based on cutting-edge tech, Levels continuously shares risk and upside with clients and partners while delivering innovation, long-term value creation and impact.

At Levels there is a passionate and entrepreneurial culture where everyone on the team is offered equity in the business – creating participation, joint incentives, and true alignment with clients and partners. Today, Levels has helped more than 25 startups and scaleups as well as more than 50 corporate clients and organizations, building an attractive portfolio of digital ventures including Afripods, Acamp, Ella, FeedbackFrog, and Payer and trusted partnerships with leading clients such as Bonnier, Coca-Cola, Efuel, Klarna, Schibsted, SEB, Spotify, Swish, Tibber, Vogue Scandinavia, and many more.

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